Westphalian Project
To Provide Care and Protection For Orphans and Vulnerable Children

What We Do


The hospital has a dual focus to meet the needs of the Children’s Village and the Ghanaian population. The hospital provides free medical care for inmates of the Children’s Village. It is also an approach to generate funds to support the budget of the Children’s Village.


With support from the International Union of Westphalian Children’s Villages in Paderborn, Germany, the School has set up a scholarship fund for brilliant students who need support. The School is an accredited GLOBE School.


We give parental support to orphans, poor and needy children in a warm homely environment. This we do, by nurturing inmates together with the biological children of their foster parents to enable them to live a normal life.

About the Westphalian Project

Since 1984, the Westphalian Children’s Village, Oyoko has been committed to the provision of care and protection for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. This effort also complements the core programmes of the Department of Social Welfare, Ghana, namely Child Protection, Community Care and Justice Administration.

The Oyoko project has been a safety net for many children who had fallen out of the safety net of society. One would argue that the breakdown of the extended family system in Ghana has had a major toll on the increasing number of neglected and abused children. These children have been deprived of family support and have found problems adjusting fully into the various communities they found themselves.

This is the gap the Westphalian Project seeks to bridge; to build the capacity of such children in institutional care and eventually see to their smooth integration into their communities.

The role of the Children’s Village in the restoration of lives cannot be overemphasized and has served over the years as a safety net for children who have become victims to the breakdown of family systems.

The need to build the capacity of the Children’s Village to be able to sustain the project is highly eminent. Sustainability has become a major issue in project building, especially in Sub Saharan Africa. Many charity projects have collapsed due to over-reliance on donor support without internal structures to generate enough funds to cushion their budgets.

Taking cognizance of this, the Westphalian Project in Oyoko has made several efforts to ensure that it cushions itself to be self-supportive in the long term. Out of this concept have emerged the Westphalian Farm Project, Westphalian Eye Clinic and the Westphalian Technical/Senior High School. These projects are not profit making essentially but only supportive of meeting the needs of the Children’s Village.

The Westphalian Project

Order of Merit Award

The Order of Merit Award from the Federal government of Germany was presented to Mr. Sampson Owusu-Boampong, the Executive Director of WCV. This Award was presented to him in Accra at the residence of the German Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Christoph Retzlaff on behalf of the Federal Government of Germany. The award was to honour the Executive Director of the Oyoko Project Mr. Sampson Owusu–Boampong for his over thirty years of dedicated service to caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Ghana under the auspices of the International Union of Westphalian Villages, Germany and also for his innovation and ingenuity.

The German Ambassador to Ghana, presenting the award, congratulated Mr. Owusu-Boampong on his relentless efforts and goodwill towards Orphans and the less privileged in society. He noted, “Special emphasis has to be put on the fact that you gave up your job in Germany in 1986 to take charge of the Children’s Village in Ghana which was in a very difficult situation at the time”.

Congratulations Mr. Sampson Owusu-Boampong.


Mr. Sampson Owusu-Boampong

Executive Director


Dr. Akosua Dentaa Owusu-Boampong

Managing Director

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